Lesson 4- Responsibilities and a Rights- Based- Approach

Responsibilities and a Rights- Based- Approach


To safeguard children’s rights it requires that we have a rightsbased approach, it means that we must take account of children’s rights standards and principles in all our work.  A rightsbased approach consists in a set of values and standards and a comprehensive and inclusive manner that apply to all children and their best interest, and the development of their capacities.

As early years practitioners, health workers, teachers, social workers and parents you can ask yourself the following questions or discuss them together with your colleagues.

  • Is every child in this setting seen as equal? Do we treat all children equally and according to their needs whatever their race, colour, religion, sex or nationality?
  • Does every child have what he or she needs in order to promote their healthy mental, emotional and physical development?
  • Is every child respected here? Do I say and spell their name correctly? Do I make efforts to know and understand their background and nationality?
  • Do all children have sufficient nutritious food?
  • Are all children living in a home that is safe and secure and promotes their wellbeing?
  • Do all children have the medical treatment and care they need?
  • Are children’s diverse learning and development needs provided for?
  • Are all children loved, understood and cared for in ways which meet their needs?
  • Do all children have access to the play, learning, and recreation time and space they need?
  • Are all children given protection from cruelty, neglect and exploitation?

There has always been a long standing focus on protecting vulnerable children from suffering as a charitable response, with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child children no longer have to rely on charity or kindness to meet their needs. Full implementation of UNCRC ensures children the entitlement to that Equality, Dignity and Respect is upheld.

Download the questions here.



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