Lesson 2- Content of UNCRC

Content of UNCRC

Everyone has human rights. As independent human beings, children have human rights. UNCRC is an international Human Rights agreement based on the three core principles of human rights Dignity, Equality and Respect. UNCRC sets a global rights agenda for every person under the age 18 years old. The Convention is the only treaty specifically designed for children to ensure their rights will be met as independent citizens

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is a legally-binding international agreement, setting out the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of every child, regardless of their wealth, gender, ethnicity, religion, location, ability or any other factor.

Nations that ratifies UNCRC are bound to it by international law; ratifying states must act in the best interest of the child.

The UNCRC describes the obligation state parties have to all children living within its border. The convention is wide reaching and covers many aspects of children’s lives.

States have the responsibility to create the legislation and policy framework, and provide resources, so that UNCRC can be realized.

Rights are described as articles and there are 54 articles in the Convention. There are 4 articles that apply across all other rights in the Convention.

Rights are indivisible, interdependent and inalienable

The rights in CRC are indivisible and interdependent. Fulfilling one right helps to fulfil other rights, failure to provide for one right can affect the enjoyment of other rights. Rights are inalienable that means they can’t be reworked, transferred or denied. They can’t be used as reward or punishments.

The principle of non-discrimination means that anyone, making decisions or taking actions about children must be fair for all children, with equal opportunities given to all children. The best interest of the child means that all adults should do what is best for children in all their decisions and actions which could affect children. The right to life, survival and development means that no one can take a child’s life away and must do their best so that children can develop to their full potential. Respect for the views of the child, means that people taking decisions about children should discuss them with children to get their opinion.

The other rights can be categorized into 5 categories.

Individuals and groups who benefit from human rights treaties are called rights holders.

Children under 18 years are Right Holders.

Parents are also Right Holders. They are entitled to assistance from the State in raising their children and they are entitled to provide their child with advice and guidance.

Duty bearers are those defined as having obligations under the CRC for respect, protection and fulfillment of children’s rights. The State and everybody that works or act on the behalf of the State such as teachers, police, social workers, judges, lawyers, health care workers etc. are duty bearers and are responsible for realizing the rights of all children.

That means that duty bearers must consider and apply the provision of the Convention in all aspects of their work that defect children, respect, protect and fulfill all the obligations that they have signed up for. For example if there is a culture of bullying on a school, the school have to take appropriate action so all children can feel safe and learn.

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CRC text
CRC Easy Read


1. Explain in writing: What is the Duty Bearers obligation and who are Duty Bearers.

2. Why do you/your team think that UNCRC is important? Write down why briefly not more than 150 words. Send your answers to 

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